This is my new sidekick Danielle. Check out her blog right here. She assigned herself as my protoge, and has been wanting to get better at photography just for her personal use. She's probably going to hate me for posting these pictures, but I don't care...... She told me I need to come up with a rad sidekick nickname, but so far I've been at a loss so I just refer to her in my head as Sancho (Don Quixote's sidekick). She's brand new to photography and has been trying to wrap her head around the whole exposure thing (which, for those of you who don't shoot, can be totally maddening at first), and I've kind of been there to help her out a little bit. Anyway, last night we spent about an hour up at the U of U and took a couple of photos to show her a little bit about how shutter speed and aperture are interrelated. Here's two of the little shots I snapped while she wasn't paying attention. The lighting was totally disappointing because it has been gorgeous all day, then about 3 o'clock the clouds rolled in and it got super dark. I was hoping for some nice warm evening colors, but instead got some very cold looking images, but I think they actually turned out kind of nice. We were able to grab a little rim light from the football stadium lights and it added a nice little extra bit of depth to the images. Enjoy.


Samantha Jane said...

I have been replaced...haha :( So when can I make it up to you? My life should be going at a normal pace now...although I think I have about 1,000 new photos to go through. Fun fun! haha.

Richard Lee said...

Pretty cool stuff. I actually could use some of your wisdom as well. I am probably buying the 5d here pretty soon (can't afford the 1d). Do you have any thoughts about where to pick one up for a good price? Shoot me an email if you get the chance. yaggelee@yahoo.com
Or I'll catch you in the halls at school.

parker said...

Dude, the 5D MK II is so epic. I'm actually planning to get a 7D here pretty soon. When I say pretty soon, I mean like May. I wanted to get the 1D MK IV but I don't know if I'll be able to scrape together the cash. $5k is pretty steep, although it's worth every penny. I have a couple other priorities that will take up a bit of coin (i.e. EF 85mm f/1.2L). I'd just watch KSL. My buddy sees them on there from time to time for less than $2 for a 5DMKII.