Concise Kilgore

I'm not really into rap music. I'm not that into hip hop either, but you could definitely say that rap and Parker don't really exist well together. That being said, it's understandable why when Shane over at SIEGE was like, "Hey, now we're going to head over and shoot with Concise Kilgore," I was thinking to myself, "Concise Whodilly?" Apparently, he's kind of a big deal in the local underground hip hop scene, and he's definitely one of the most legit, and nice kids I've hung out with in a long time. We headed over to FICE SLC and shot in the store, as well as in the alley behind the shop on 2nd and 2nd in downtown. Some pretty rad graffiti art back there, if you've never checked it out. Definitely worth a detour. Kristopher and I both came away with some pretty compelling images, and Concise got rockstar treatment posing in front of the lenses. Peep the images.

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