The Real Jeremy Jones

Unless you grew up under a rock or are retarded, you've heard of Jeremy Jones. I can't think of another professional snowboarder who has been killing it consistently for longer than the big man on campus. I know that his riding has influenced my personal snowboarding more than any other professional snowboarder out there. His banger video parts are still next-level, despite the fact that he's been pro for longer than most shredder kids have been out of diapers, and he recently had the cover of Transworld Snowboarding. I remember watching The Resistance the first year I learned how to snowboard, and it was him and the rest of the Forum Eight that made me want to pursue this crazy lifestyle and make a career out of it. That being said, let me say that it was absolutely legendary to be able to sit down and have a photo shoot with Jeremy. We connected down at Milosport in Orem and he was totally pumped to be working with us. I was super nervous because I'm still really new to photography, and although I know how to get a good exposure, and I understand composition, it's still stressful because this guy has worked with some of the very best action sport and lifestyle photographers in the entire world. Talk about stepping into some large shoes! Now that it's all said and done, I'm stoked that I didn't faint or have a stroke or something, and I was able to get some good images despite the fact that my fingers were covered in sweat and were slipping off the shutter button. Enjoy.

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