Smells Like the Season...

Friday, November 27th marked the opening day of the shred season for me, and I'm stoked beyond belief. School keeps me pretty busy until the end of the semester, so right out of the gates I don't usually get to shred that much until about the Christmas break time, but this season I was lucky enough to connect earlier in the fall with Tim Semple, one of the guys calling the shots at the Canyons Resort terrain park. He and Steve Duke decided it'd be cool for me to come up and shoot the opening day antics. They had a pretty legit setup, especially considering the fact that they had extremely limited real estate open to the public. Three boxes, a pole jam style single pipe, and a mini-ramp quarter pipe stall made for some pretty sick riding, and some next level tricks too. I was stoked to bump into Eric Long (E-Long), one of the Revolution Factory Am kids who I met in the spring, and we were able to get a couple shots. Thanks again to the marketing peeps over at the Canyons for getting me involved. Enjoy the shots. Others will more than likely make their way over to the Canyons Resort website, so stay tuned for updates.


Prestwich Family Photos

My buddy Omar called me last night and asked if I'd be able to spend part of my Thanksgiving Day shooting some photos of him and his family, and I was free so I agreed. It turned into one of the most interesting photo shoots I've ever had because each person came arrayed in attire that was very specific to the individual's distinct activities, and every photo came away with a lot of character. I've included a couple of my favorites. The image above is Omar's foster-brother jumping from one train car to the next. Pretty awesome, if you ask me.


HarryO's Aftermath

Now that it's all said and done, I'm stoked I went and shot the event. DJ Brisk was on the turntables all night celebrating the Winter 2009 Collection launch of SIEGE Audio's new products at World Famous HarryO's in Park City, UT, and although I think he's a very skilled DJ, I don't have a healthy appreciation for the music that he plays, so it was difficult for me to get into the whole event, but I had a great time in hindsight. Photos followed by dancing, followed by Village Inn, followed by a two-hour gospel conversation with Mikal 2000 out in front of his house until about 5:30 in the morning. I guess that's how life goes when you're a rockstar, right?

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these photos, and feel free to check out all the photos that we posted on the SIEGE event page by clicking here. Thanks again to all the gorgeous people who stepped in front of the lens to make me happy, and special thanks to Kristopher and Audrey for keeping me sane all through the evening. You guys are the best!

Jon & Lenzi Van Wagoner

Many of you who know me know very well that I hate weddings. I loathe them with my very core. It's not the sacred institution of marriage, or a husband and wife starting their eternal journey together that I despise, quite the contrary. It is, however, the way weddings are celebrated in my predominantly Latter-day Saint culture. 

I personally feel that a wedding is a celebration and an opportunity to praise the couple who has just taken vows to cherish each other and no other for the rest of eternity. However, in a widespread infection of narcissism, weddings have progressively transitioned into a party to celebrate the parents' unequivocal ability to keep their child alive until the age of [insert ridiculously low number here, usually in the teens...]. 

With that rather lengthy preface, let me introduce Jon & Lenzi, the lucky couple who for some strange reason decided to hire me to do their wedding! All sarcasm aside, I actually had an excellent time shooting their wedding in Twin Falls, Idaho, despite my utter loathing for the practice. They were slightly unorthodox in their approach to the celebration, and I seriously had a great time shooting their stuff. I was actually hired to do their engagement photos, then they had me do video for the actual wedding up in Idaho, but I managed to snap a couple of stills while I was at it, much to the other photographer's chagrin. Any misgivings that I had were completely taken away by the radness of their wedding cake though. Enjoy!

The Invitation

This is classic V-Dub

So awesome!

Probably the raddest wedding cake ever

Skootchfest 2009

I was super stoked to be involved with the 1st Annual Skootchfest at Rock Canyon Park in Provo, UT. We'll do it again very soon. Thanks to Nate and Luke from Q-Network and Trayc Whiting from Red Bull Energy Drink, as well as the Canyons Resort and Park City Mountain Resort, and Milosport Snow and Skate shop. Stoked on the event.

Skootchfest 2009 from Parker Alec Cross on Vimeo.
The 1st Annual Skootchfest at Rock Canyon Park in Provo, UT. For more info, go to http://www.qnetwork.org/

Cinematography and Post-production by Parker Alec Cross



SIEGE Overtakes Harry O's

Tonight is round-two of the SIEGE Audio Winter 2009 Collection Kick-off, and this time it's going to be at World Famous Harry O's in Park City, UT. If you like to party, then Harry O's is the place to do it, and contrary to popular belief, you don't need to wear Ed Hardy in order to get through the front doors. The Park City club has been a destination location for some of the biggest names in action sports, entertainment, and sports for many years, and is a focal point of the Sundance Film Festival every January, and now we're storming the system by setting up the photo booth just like at Green Street, so swing by and get your photo taken, and have some fun. The snow is on the ground, the resorts are opening, and we're showcasing all the new product. Hope to see you there.


UNDER SIEGE Kick-off Party Pics

Thursday night was the Under SIEGE party at Greenstreet SLC, and there was a super good turnout. Here's a few pics from the photo booth I set up. To see all the images, go to the SIEGE Facebook page and browse all the images. Thanks again to Shane over at Siege, DJ Erockalypze, and the various peeps who showed up, including DJ's Hot Noise and Flash N' Flare, as well as a special appearance from Jade Magnum Thomason and the Q-Network kids. There's a high likelihood that we'll be doing another one at Harry O's in Park City this Wednesday 11/25/09, so stay tuned for that action. Special thanks to Sammy Loosle for being my lovely assistant.