Progression Despite Circumstances

New features dot the barren landscape of the Utah Shred scene, and although much needed snowfall has since accumulated, Friday's session was meager at best with regard to snow conditions. The Canyons Terrain Park crew has been absolutely slaying it and keeping things fresh. With some luck this snowstorm will give us enough fresh that they can push up a jump or two to add to their arsenal of features, but one way or the other, get stoked on the crazy stuff Steve and the guys are coming up with over on the North Side of town. New features include a corrugated pipe, double dance floor to 6" round pipe, single pipe down rail, double-pipe d-f-d, and a second dancefloor flat box. Peep the pics and get stoked on the season.

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Kristopher Orr said...

In the last picture the snowmaker looks like a Jet Pack...I'll just tell myself that it IS!! Sweet pics man.