Merry Christmas

I've been deathly ill for the last week or so. Last Friday evening I shot an Arenacross event in Heber City and it was really fun, but the fumes gave me a monster headache, and made me pretty queasy, and then the next day I was in bed. I think my immune system must've been doing battle on several different fronts and the fumes were just enough to tip me over the edge. I have a plastic garbage can filled with mucous and hoard of empty water bottles, along with several empty boxes of Tylenol Cold/Flu. Was it swine flu? Bronchitis? Leukemia? AIDS? I don't know, and I don't plan to give the doctors the satisfaction of diagnosing me, but let's just say I've done nothing since Saturday that didn't actively involve resting. 

Regarding the picture above, it's my brother Mick. I have been shivering my butt off for the last several days, and although it's cold outside, I wanted an image that had a lot of warmth to it. I noticed the golden hour approaching, so I rigged up the ND .9 Gradient filter that my mommy got me for Christmas, and the three stops of extra darkness really helped keep the colors a lot more natural and keep that lens flare under control. My brother has a natural cool factor that he can kind of employ at will, and the fact that he drives a restored 1970 Baja certainly doesn't hurt the issue. Hope you guys like the photo.

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