Park City "Ride With the Pros"

Three lucky winners were able to get day tickets to PCMR and come shred with professional snowboarders Tyler Chorlton, Marco Feichtner, and Blair Habenicht. Those dudes were laying down hammers despite the extremely limited terrain and they all told me that they were super pumped to come and hang out with the kids and stoke them out on the production.

Pirate Movie Productions is beginning a U.S. marketing campaign to raise awareness and hype in the states, and I've been incredibly stoked to be a part of it so far. My buddy Devereux of the Q-Network was organizing the whole event, and introduced me to Travis Limoge, a rad kid out of Portland/Denver who's handling a lot of the stateside marketing for the Pirates, and I've been pretty pumped to be a part of it. It was definitely an honor to meet Blair, Marco, and Tyler and spend a day shredding with those incredibly talented athletes. Also, it was rad to hang out with Drew Fuller, whom I've met several times, although scheduling conflicts kept him from being able to attend the Saturday shred session.

Check the photos and the Pirates websites, and special thanks to PCMR, Burton, Bataleon, Ride, and Q-Network for making the magic happen. I'll have a video edit here on the blog hopefully later today, but if not then definitely by Wednesday, so check back often!

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