007 The Beginning of the End

007 The Beginning of the End - Wasatch: The Official Production Podcast from Parker Alec Cross on Vimeo.

As the season winds down, join the boys for some spring-time slush. Featuring the riding of Hamish Martin, Jordan Rehrer, Parker Cross, Kory Cross, and Oakley Hill, and filmed entirely on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II DSLR in stunning HD clarity. Special thanks to our sponsors:

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   Spring has kind of a dual-fold appeal for me, and I think a lot of my friends will be able to agree on one or both of these points. One of the nice things about living in Utah is the fact that Park City Mountain Resort has one of the most renowned terrain parks in the entire world, and continually makes it into high rankings each year with Transworld Snowboarding Mag. The other major benefit is the fact that Snowbird stays open until June most years and there are so many epic storms in the spring that the April and May powder is usually some of the best of the whole year. But for most ridiculous people it's time to don the bathing suit and the flip flop sandals start working on their tan. For the shredders, it's the time to gather some much needed last minute video and photos.

Here's some shots from April 7, 2009 at Park City. My brother Kory Cross, Hamish Martin, and Jordan Rehrer featured. Photos by Todd Stay Photography. Video coming soon in podcast episode 007.



In the last 10 days, Snowbird and Alta ski resorts have received over 100 inches of snow, and the avalanche cycle hasn't even been that gnarly. Here's a couple of shots from this past storm cycle that just show how epic it's been in the Cottonwoods. I haven't had a chance to go to Brighton or Solitude since it's started, but I'm sure it's equally incredible further north.

laying into a heelside turn on the Gad Chutes side of Cirque Traverse

Getting fully burried. That's like faceshots on drugs...

Konnie Ford got a nice sequence of me blasting a backside turn.

My homie Russ nose diving on The Road to Provo

006 Imagery

006 Imagery - Wasatch Official Production Podcast from Parker Alec Cross on Vimeo.

Step behind the scenes with the Wasatch crew and see a little bit of what it takes to set up a ski/snowboard photo shoot. Filmed entirely with the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, and shot on location in the Wasatch.


Poop Chute

Aspen Grove, UT. Almost the entire crew and-then-some turned up to hit what we have affectionately called "The Poop Chute," and in Todd's case it was the "Poop Shoot." Let's see if I can even remember the roll:
Todd Stay (Photog)
Derek Olthuis
Tanner Mills
Jonathan and Cameron Van Wagoner
Blake Hansen
Tanner Dame
Jordan Rehrer
Benji Oppan
Jade Magnum Thomason
Oakley Hill

And the Peanut Gallery:

Sheesh that's a lot of people doing illegal stuff at the same time.

Track Dolly

So, I decided it was high time for me to build a track dolly for my filmmaking. I searched online for awhile and found a really good one. The tutorial is pretty straightforward and the result kicks on tons of the other versions I've seen out there. I've posted some pictures below of the final product. Also, in the next podcast episode you'll be able to see it in action. Click the link below to check out the YouTube tutorial. Mine ended up costing about $150 with brand new everything.

Jade Magnum Thomason

Jade solicited me to put together a little sponsor vid for him using our footage and a couple shots of his own. Here's the final product.

Jade Magnum Thomason,,, Sponsor Video from Jade Magnum Thomason on Vimeo.

Video taken from the Official Wasatch Podcast by Parker Cross and put together by Parker Cross. Filming locations from PC, Sierra at Tahoe, Mt. Bachelor, Grand Targhee, and Burley ID... Hope you all enjoy...

005 Fortitude

005 Fortitude - Wasatch Official Production Podcast from Parker Alec Cross on Vimeo.

The mid-season slumps hit everyone, and sometimes it's all you can take to keep your momentum going, and with a little bit of perseverance, you can turn the slumps into some of the most fun of whole year. Filmed entirely on the new Canon EOS 5D Mark II, Episode Five showcases the love of the shred, spitting in the face of adversity. Featuring the riding of Derek Olthuis, Jade Magnum Thomason, Blake Hansen, Grant Conrad, Park Cross, Jordan Brewer, and Jordan Rehrer. Filmed on location at Park City Mountain Resort and in the southern Idaho backcountry.