Jeff Larson | The Hot Noise

One of the first shoots I did with SIEGE Audio was working with a long-time friend Hot Noise, one of the card carrying OG electro DJ's from SLC. Jeff and I went to high school together, and our parents actually live just a couple blocks away from each other down in Orem. It's been pretty awesome to see the transformation to next-level DJ status that he's made, because I remember back in the day when we used to throw electro dance parties in Provo, and when they started there were seriously like ten people that would show up, and the kids that were there were raging for five hours straight without a water break.

Times definitely change. From empty dance floors to waiting lists and standing room only, Hot Noise has become one of the quintessential acts of the Salt Lake City club scene, and his devotion to the genre, along with the support of a lot of other super rad kids in the downtown district has boosted electro dance parties to the forefront of the SLC night life. Electro has stirred the scene in a big way, and thanks to Hot Noise, it's not leaving anytime soon. Here's some photos from a basement mix-tape session, enjoy.

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