Two Days in Big Fork

Many of you who have followed my blog for some time know that from time to time I go out shredding with professional skier Blake Nyman, to try to get shots for the Nimbus Independent productions. One of the shots we got when we went out to Dry Fork in February or March ended up in their first En Route feature called Departure. Last Friday he and I went out to Big Fork of Snake Creek on his sled, and tried to get a shot of this little trench drop to cliff feature that he'd scoped about three weeks back, and get a little rebate and a better shot. One of the promotional tools that the Nimbus crew is doing is called Point and Shoot, and it's rider shot and edited features that are being posted daily on their website. We got some shots for that, but while we were out, and I was hiking out on the rock band, I slipped and slid down through some trees and branches and the was tossed off a small cliff, and landed on rocks. It was really scary, because as I started to slide, I reached for Blake's leg to try and hang onto something, but I failed. I couldn't really tell what was going on because there was just too much snow moving around with me and I just remember being bounced around and the sound of trees and branches breaking, then a long fall, and coming to rest face down on some rocks that had about 15 inches of coverage. I popped up to my feet, and yelled to Blake that I was ok, and then started surveying the damage. There were a lot of broken branches and rocks in the debris pile, but all my camera equipment and my body was totally fine. My wrist was a little sore from landing on it, but everything was great. Scary though.

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