It's Not Over

So, I know my last post was all about how the season is winding down, and everyone is in summer mode, etc etc etc. Fortunately for me (and maybe for all you?), Daryl is still in winter snowboarding mode, and it definitely stoked to be alive. We've been trying to get up to Grizzly Gulch the last few days but my schedule and the weather have been conspiring against all our efforts. Today we were lucky enough to make it to the feature for a sunset session, despite the fact that the rest of the crew was doing gay bike races and stuff (just kidding Andy, just had to rub it in).

I'm so stoked on how these images turned out. In addition to the photos, Daryl and I lugged my track/dolly up the mountain, and got some pretty amazing looking video footage. Big ups to D.Young for holding down the fort and stomping some heavy tricks. Even though it's winding down, the snow season is definitely not over yet.

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