Red Bull 1976 Games

Working for Red Bull Energy Drink has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life, and occasionally I get to participate in really fun events, like last Saturday's Red Bull 1976 Games, held at The Canyons Resort in Park City, UT. I showed up early to help my boss and the infrastructure team get the gates and the venue fully setup, then took a few turns with my longtime friend Blake Stephenson. The event started at about noon, and 863 images later, it was over. The premise of the contest is to wear retro gear to celebrate the Olympics that should have been. In 1976, Denver, CO was awarded the winter Olympic games, but due to political maneuvering, the games were shifted to Austria, so we at Red Bull decided that it was high time that 1976 got the glory it deserves. The contest consisted of a Snowbladecross race, and an old school air contest, where teams were judged based on skill, showmanship, and overall team mojo. I had so much fun taking pictures, the time just flew by, and I came away with about 80 really solid images. Here's a few of my favorites of the bunch. Enjoy.
This guy was on point the whole time
Airing through the gap
Jason  Hindman on an all out sprint to the finish line
Lindsay Jacobellis should take some pointers from this homie
I think the X-Games would be better-off if it were like this.
In high-speed races like this, milliseconds count, so diving across the finish line was a commonly utilized tactic in order to shave a little time off your score.
Those of us who ride the terrain parks at either Park City or The Canyons are familiar with ski trains hitting jumps, but never quite like this.
Third place. The Shred Dogs of War
2nd place. Masterbladers? I think?
The defending champs: The Cream Team
Podium placement is something to truly be proud of.

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