100th Post - Uncanny

My 67th day on snow yesterday was one of the best powder days I've ever had, and it's ironic that it's in April, and Park City was scheduled to close this coming Sunday. It was one of those fantastic days where you talk about it for years to come. It's a funny thing, because it seems like I have a lot of those days when I'm riding with my brother Kory. Maybe it's the fact that he doesn't get very many powder days, so I'm extra stoked to see him get some freshies, but he's just a good dude to ride with, as a general rule. He loves snowboarding and just wants to get out there on his board. Granted, he's a park rat, and I've been doing my best to break him of his evil ways, but, to be fair, everyone goes through their insane park rat stage. Some people just break out of it sooner than others. Anyway, I took the GoPro and through together a little edit to a Belle & Sebastian song that I really like. Hopefully you enjoy the deep snow, and Episode 5 of Wasatch: The Official Production Podcast will be coming very soon.


Brett said...

DANG get white room!

Kathy V said...

This has been happening a lot recently. I remembering April 1st at PCMC in 2008 was an epic powder day. And we got a big storm this time last year, too.

Nice self-filming.