Quick Round 2

Here's a few more pics from our trip to Los Angeles. More to follow very soon. It's been a crazy couple of days, trying to catch up on schoolwork, then maintain the blog and the Twitter, as well as attempt to have a social life, and a family life, and get cracking on episode three for Wasatch. Realistically we won't have any content to publish until at least the 23rd, but possibly not a full episode until March rolls around. Sorry for all you folks who are chomping at the bit for more video content. I'm doing my best though. All these photos are from Shane's point and shoot and I took them into Photoshop and messed with them ever so slightly.


Danielle said...

you would post a mil pics of yourself. ha.

parker said...

Yeah, but for once I didn't take the pictures of myself, so it's kind of a groundbreaking experience that I needed to document.

Danielle said...

true. however, your narcissism still shines through.