It's been a long time coming, but finally after a long season so far, I was able to send a method into a powder landing. This was my first powder jump of the year, although a few of my friends and even some of the Wasatch crew have been out in the woods building features, due to avalanche danger I haven't really been able to get out on a nice creamy day and catch some sky, and the above picture is a screenshot of the video of yours truly doing just that. JP Sokolowski and I met up at about 9:00am and quickly jumped on the Crescent chairlift at Park City Mountain Resort, and after a quick recon of the conditions, opted to head over toward the McConkey's chair. What we found was delightful. Thanks to whomever built the jump before we got there, because it was primed for take-off, and it seriously took us all of 3 minutes to sweep off the transition and make a new run-in. Here's a couple more screen shots from episode three of Wasatch: The Official Production Podcast, which will be coming at you sometime next week.
JP on the Crescent chairlift
Me dropping into the trees off Sunnyside, camera in hand. Terrifying.
Always business, all the time.

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