Pizza's Papa

Shooting with Joey Brezinski was one of the funnest things I've ever done since getting behind the lens full-time. We were primarily interested in shooting his video bio for SIEGE Audio while wearing a Snuggie, mastering the Slap Chop, and utilizing the muscle building powers of the Shake Weight, however, we did take a break to shoot a couple portraits with Joey and his beloved pug pooch Pizza (say that ten times fast). They turned out hilarious and I had a killer time shooting an incredibly talented skateboarder that I've looked up to for a long time. Check out his part in the Cliche Skateboards video, embedded below. One of the cool things about shooting with Joey is it reminded me that this whole shindig is supposed to be fun. If you take life too seriously, it can really eat you up, so it's always good, in my opinion, not to have too high opinion of yourself. Obviously you don't want to adopt a false modesty, but rather just realize that you're a normal person, just like everyone else. A-list pro skateboarder Joey B has this mindset on lockdown. Feel free to follow him and Pizza on Twitter.

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