City of Lost Angels

A day in Los Angeles is always an adventure. Aside from hundreds of homeless people, some straight laced prophets preaching the word of Jesus with a balloon and hypodermic needle in their back pocket, and the occasional professional skateboarder. SIEGE Audio athletes Guy Mariano and Joey Brezinski came out and made appearances with us, and we were also able to hang out with the CEO & President of Hudson Jeans, Peter Kim, as well as the dudes that run Silverback Artist Management, the muscle behind reggae bands Slightly Stoopid, Pepper, and the same people that launched Sublime and got them charging back in the day. Then we met up at dinner with all the Karma Kollective people and shot the breeze at 8oz Burger and The Snake Pit. Here's a few photos from the adventures, and an official shout-out to Danielle:
Val Surf, one of North Hollywood's biggest shops
This is how people usually see me
Breakfast at Mel's Drive-In, just like American Grafiti
Shane, Charlie and I chilling at The Berrics
Charlie and I shooting a bio interview with Guy Mariano
Chilling on the roof with Manny Santiago
Charlie and Shane with Peter Kim, of Hudson Jeans
Under the 7th Street Bridge. Tons of rad grafiti


Danielle said...

thank you.

Samantha Jane said...

Bring me back some jeans! haha.