Manny Santiago jumped in on a photoshoot a week ago Tuesday night in Los Angeles rocking a pair of The Eleven headphone by SIEGE Audio. He's a pretty smiley guy, but also one who can really get things done. It was pretty cool to meet him and take a couple photos while I was there. He also took us to get the best chicken quesadillas in all of LA (at least that's what Manny says). It's not often that I get to hang around with skateboarders, and it's a funny thing because they're totally different than hanging out with snowboarders. Don't get me wrong, that wasn't meant to be derogatory by any means, just indicative of the grand difference between the cultures of the two sports. Enjoy the photos, and at the bottom I've embedded one of his video parts from another production company. Ultimately, although indifferent to his skateboarding career prior to the meetup, I'm now a big fan. Check him out on Twitter. He's always jonesing for more followers.

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