Portrait Time

For some reason, lately I've just been in the mood to photograph people. Doing portraits is really intersting to me, mostly due to the post-production aspect. Don't get me wrong, I love working with the subject, and that's extremely rewarding, especially when I'm working with my friends, like the stunning Erin McMullin featured in this post. Yeah, that's great, and I enjoy it and all that, but I really get stoked when I pull each image into Photoshop for some minor retouching. Now, although I do mention Photoshop, the caveat is that I really don't use that much. I do a teeny tiny little bit of skin smoothing and eye enhancements, then I dodge and burn sometimes, it just depends on the image and the look I'm going for, but it's been nice as I've gained more experience to learn how to accomplish certain looks with the camera exposure settings so I have less work to do when it comes down to Photoshop. To me, it always seems like it takes a lot less time to tweak a camera setup or exposure setting than it does to tweak something in Photoshop. Anyway, I love taking pictures of people. Thanks, Erin, for coming over and having a quick little shoot. These were all shot with my Canon EOS 5D Mark II and EF 24-70 ƒ/2.8L USM lens, and two Promaster 160A studio flashes with diffusion and reflector umbrellas used. Enjoy.
My personal favorite of the session.
She wanted to show off her curves.

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JEd said...

Two things my friend I've never met, but we must have spent some time in the pre-mortal womb together or something.
One: Kick ass podcast. No joke. I love it.
Two: try that same shoot with Erin with your 70-200L. I promise it will feel better.
Three: you may as well take her out. She let you shoot portraits of her.

Keep the vids coming!