Cardiff Revisisted

5:00 am. The sky was still dark, and the stars bright when we pulled out of my driveway this morning. Jon Van Wagoner, Andy Earl, and Uriel Ruvalcaba riding passenger as we made our way to Little Cottonwood Canyon to meet up with Mo, Tanner, Daryl, JP, Whitney, Eric, and Tony Loco. The plan was to session Little Superior Buttress before the snow got too warm, resulting in wet slab avalanches, making it pretty dangerous. Unfortunately for our original plans, and for Andy's new splitboard, we didn't go to Little Superior because someone forgot his beacon, and we had to turn around, thereby not making it to Little Superior in time to ride it. I'm not going to name any names, but you can check out his blog right here

As a result, we sessioned Cardiff Peak again, and it was really really fun. Thanks to everyone for coming out and having a good time with us. Check out a couple fun mini pics. Video will more than likely be in the next podcast episode, but if you haven't seen episode three yet, check it out by clicking here! Definitely have a greater appreciation for the big mountain riders out there, and hoping to keep pushing our personal limits and getting a lot gnarlier. Thanks for stopping by!
Andy and Uri atop the ridge
Zoomed version of the last photo
Daryl loves snowboarding, and it makes him smile.

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