One Plus One Equals One

In terms of splitboarding, one plus one really does equal one. You take each half of your sliced-in-two board, put them together and get one snowboard. It's a pretty amazing process, and It's even more amazing that the bulk of the dudes out there on splitboards probably did it in their garage, just like Andy and I did a couple hours ago. Voile is probably considered the industry leader when it comes to backcountry accessories for snowboarders, and their DIY Split-Kit is a handy dandy little friend for any of you wanting to go deeper than the average snowboarder. Splitboarding is the ultimate way to get into the backcountry on those zones where you can't take a snowmobile (which is most of the Central Wasatch), and although it's not cheap to do it yourself, it's a whole lot cheaper than buying a splitboard from, say, Burton. The other thing that's rad is the fact that Voile-USA is located right in Salt Lake City, so you're getting homegrown products. 

If backcountry touring is your cup of tea, or you'd like it to be, make a stop at Wasatch Touring, a shop in SLC. It's definitely your destination location for everything backcountry, and then some.

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