My buddy Luke Beachley called me earlier today while I was on my way to Park City to snowboard, and asked if I had time to shoot some photos of his brother-in-law Dan Burton. Mr. Burton is running for public office against a sixteen year incumbent and will be launching his website very soon. Luke wanted to take pictures of him with blood dripping from his mouth and a gun in his hand, showcasing how he'll defend American interests tooth and nail, but I didn't think it was the best way to approach a first time run at public office. I'm not sure which one would have been more effective... I'll update this post as soon as the website goes live. If you live in Utah County, check him out, and watch for flyers and posters and such, because they have images taken by yours truly.

Here's Dan's website: www.dan4sheriff.com

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Burton Family said...

Parker, you did a great job on this shoot, thanks again.

If you want to learn more about Dan's campaign go to www.dan4sheriff.com