Project X Afterparty

Ah, Sundance Film Festival season. Not only do we get all the kooks from L.A., but we also get the LDS Film Festival, Slam Dance, and X-Dance all at the same time, so kooks and rad folks from all different walks of life, locations, and backgrounds. Monday night was the world premier of Red Bull Energy Drink's new film "Project X" starring Shawn White (the man, the myth, the legend), and it was actually really good. Saw the film, and I dig it. Shawn definitely has the right sponsors helping him stay on-top of the half-pipe shred scene. It was rad because it was Nick Hyne's last night in town, so we had an opportunity to go out. I was pretty hung-over sleepy the next morning because I had two whole Red Bulls, but I'm sure Nick was feeling a little worse than me, considering it was a private party with an open bar. Well done, sir. Stoked that Angel, Tyson?, Jordan, and Danielle were able to come out and hang out with me while I shot some photos, as well as the fact that I saw most of my friends that live in the SLC area at the party. Thanks for making it a blast.

My boss Jordan Schweizer and the Wiiings Team

Angel and Danielle showing some branded love
J-Dilla doing what he does best

Hyne doing what HE does best

Dani P and I cheesing it up

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