Coming soon...

Tomorrow marks the start of Season Two of Wasatch: The Official Production Podcast. Here are a couple of screenshots from the episode, as well as images of the iTunes store where you subscribe for the podcast. Don't forget to hit the "subscribe" button in iTunes, otherwise you won't get the automatic updates. I'm super stoked on this first episode, and I think everyone else will be as well. We have riding from Hamish Martin, Nick Hyne, Ozzy Henning, JP Sokolowski, Andy Earl, Jordan Rehrer, Brett Wilson, Chris Green, Benji Oppan, Daryl Young, Steven Grimes, Beau Day, Oakley Hill, Dallin Twilligear, Eric Long, and Elijah P. Whitney, as well as a cameo hug from Torah Bright. Less than 24 hours, people!!

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