Nick Hyne + Borrowed PW's = Magic

Sometimes I'm the best person in the world to lend your stuff to. I'm super respectful, punctual, and responsible. Occasionally though, life finds a way to really put a wrench in my reputation by keeping me from returning borrowed items to my friends. Let me explain: Three weeks ago I borrowed a set of Pocket Wizard radio flash triggers and a speedlight from my buddy Blake. I had every intention of returning said items the next day, and hooking Blakey up with some mula for letting me borrow the equipment in a pinch. As of today, I still have the items, and don't know when I'm returning them. Hopefully today or tomorrow (just in case Blake reads this). So, my reputation it totally tarnished, but on the plus side, while we were setting up the basketball hoop two nights past (video to come very soon), Nick Hyne, my buddy from NZ, spotted a little park bench and thought it would be magical to slide the backrest and the seat simultaneously. I also thought this was a pretty good idea, and since I've been terribly irresponsible of late, I happened to have a handy set of Pocket Wizards and a flash just chilling safely in my camera bag. Five tries and several exposures later, we came away with some pretty cool photos. Thanks Blake. Sorry I'm a slacker.

Nick Cheesing it up for the camera

Sick frontside lipslide


Samantha Jane said...

Love these, I like the contrast...you almost feel like he is going to keep moving.

Blake said...

To Parker's credit, he did make an attempt to return those darned Pocket Wizards. Nice photos tho! I want my PWs back!

parker said...

It's official: the PW's have been returned.

parker said...

Official Update: Sunday night I borrowed a flash from a friend, and had it promptly returned by Tuesday evening. I know, that's pretty amazing. Everyone should be proud. I'm turning over a new leaf.