Elijah P. Whitney's Black Sorcery

This was probably one of the more fun sessions I've been a part of recently. Most of the shred kids in SLC know about the Rail Garden on 4500 South, and most of us have had several sessions on the many features there, so I thought it would be super fun to see how many tricks we could hammer out in sixty minutes. Eight riders, plus sixty minutes, plus ten stairs and a handrail equals about 35 different tricks. I'm pretty stoked on everyone that came out the shred with us. We had some new faces, as well as some classic Wasatch Podcast shred heads. Possibly my favorite part, however, was the wizardry of Elijah P. Whitney, whom I had never before met, but who was invited to the session to shoot some photos by my buddy Daryl. All these photos are property of that young man and his Nikon weapon. I'm pretty stoked on all these photos, so I hope you enjoy them as much as I. EPW doesn't have a website at present, but feel free to call him to shoot your wedding or family get-together anytime: 801-450-2432. Photos of Daryl, Oakley, and Chris. Video included in Episode 1, coming January 19.


Samantha Jane said...

Way fun! I want to come next time! I won't have a clue what I a doing, but it would still be fun! :)

parker said...

Ok Sam, you can come. Especially because we might be in Ogden pretty soon