Round One: Fight!

Boise is gorgeous this time of year, and the 70.3 Iron Man Triathalon taking place on Saturday 6/12 couldn't have picked more gorgeous conditions. Primarily shooting video for this one, because it's a trial run for the project I'm working on in 2012. We're attempting to work out the kinks and figure out the best way to cover these events because we're going to be traveling the globe shooting James Lawrence doing 20 Iron Man races in one year. I'm pretty stoked. Boise is round one. Let the battle begin.
Kyle, James, Ryan, and Kyle after check-in.
Ryan Rudd is along for the ride, and ended up doing maintenance.
Rob Schopke just got his new 5D Mark II setup and is stoked.
We couldn't decide if he was flexing for this picture, but ultimately we decided that because he's a triathalete, he's always flexing.

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Kyle Quist said...

Parker you are spot on with the whole flexing at all times idea. At least for James that is. He seems to have an innate sense for when a camera is pointing in his direction. For me, wearing those freaking tri suits means you pretty much have to be okay with looking terrible or try and flex to look a little less terrible. Either way, no one looks good in a tri suit. Well done on the pics too. It was fun to have y'all up there. I look forward to seeing some of the video you took and more pics!