1942 Ferrari Race Car

"Hey, is that a race car? What kind is it?" shouts the man in a drunken near-stupor sitting on the bench outside ABG's bar in downtown Provo, UT. 

"It's a Ferrari!" replies Ryan Rudd, sitting in the right-hand driver's seat of his olive green motorized vehicle.

"What year is it?"



In reality it's not a 1942 Ferrari Race Car, but rather a 1972 Skyline 2000 GT that Ryan imported from Japan. It's a pretty good ride for getting double-takes because the steering column in on the right-hand side of the car instead of the left, so people always see us cruising down the street and realize that something weird is afoot. Ryan and I got together for about 35 minutes this morning to hammer out a couple detail shots of his car for a web article that's being put together later today, so here's some of those images.

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