UNDER SIEGE Kick-off Party Pics

Thursday night was the Under SIEGE party at Greenstreet SLC, and there was a super good turnout. Here's a few pics from the photo booth I set up. To see all the images, go to the SIEGE Facebook page and browse all the images. Thanks again to Shane over at Siege, DJ Erockalypze, and the various peeps who showed up, including DJ's Hot Noise and Flash N' Flare, as well as a special appearance from Jade Magnum Thomason and the Q-Network kids. There's a high likelihood that we'll be doing another one at Harry O's in Park City this Wednesday 11/25/09, so stay tuned for that action. Special thanks to Sammy Loosle for being my lovely assistant.


Sammy said...

You are very welcome darling! :)

parker said...

Probably going to do it again at Harry O's on Wednesday night. You're welcome to tag along again if you so desire. :)