Jon & Lenzi Van Wagoner

Many of you who know me know very well that I hate weddings. I loathe them with my very core. It's not the sacred institution of marriage, or a husband and wife starting their eternal journey together that I despise, quite the contrary. It is, however, the way weddings are celebrated in my predominantly Latter-day Saint culture. 

I personally feel that a wedding is a celebration and an opportunity to praise the couple who has just taken vows to cherish each other and no other for the rest of eternity. However, in a widespread infection of narcissism, weddings have progressively transitioned into a party to celebrate the parents' unequivocal ability to keep their child alive until the age of [insert ridiculously low number here, usually in the teens...]. 

With that rather lengthy preface, let me introduce Jon & Lenzi, the lucky couple who for some strange reason decided to hire me to do their wedding! All sarcasm aside, I actually had an excellent time shooting their wedding in Twin Falls, Idaho, despite my utter loathing for the practice. They were slightly unorthodox in their approach to the celebration, and I seriously had a great time shooting their stuff. I was actually hired to do their engagement photos, then they had me do video for the actual wedding up in Idaho, but I managed to snap a couple of stills while I was at it, much to the other photographer's chagrin. Any misgivings that I had were completely taken away by the radness of their wedding cake though. Enjoy!

The Invitation

This is classic V-Dub

So awesome!

Probably the raddest wedding cake ever

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Kathy V said...

VERY nice. I am extremely glad you came, AND that you took photos, too. Can't wait to see more!