New Website!

Well, everyone, it's finally happened. After years of saying I was going to finish a functional site, it has arrived. http://www.crossroadstudios.com. I'm currently migrating all the blog content over there, as well as photo and video stuff, so expect it to only get better and better over the course of the next month, but it is totally functioning as of right now. Andy and I are working super hard on a marketing redesign and branding mission to make the Wasatch Mountain Podcast (new working title, what do you think?) a huge success. We need your help though, so bookmark the new site, add it to your favorites, share it on facebook, etc. Heck, you could tweet about it everyday if you want, because we want everyone to know what we're up to.

The new blog looks almost exactly like the old one, and you'll be able to track down all your favorite blog posts using the handy archive tool found on the right hand site of the column navigation. Every post we've ever done will show up right there, regardless of whether it was only on the blogger blog. 
In addition, Wasatch Mountain Podcast (still haven't decided what we're going to call it) has its own section of the site, featuring photos and videos from the production, as well as all 12 episodes that we've posted so far. You can watch all your favorite episodes from Seasons 1 and 2, as well as watch all the upcoming stuff for Season 3, and since it's going to be 2011, we thought it would be fitting if Andy and I, along with our trusted friends, climbed and shredded every peak in the Wasatch Mountains over 11,000 ft. Get it? 2011; 11,000? 11:11? It's catchy, right? Makes loads of sense? Either way, we're stoked to get some peak bagging in, as well as some gnarly lines that have been on our hitlist for a few years. Get stoked, and tell all your friends about it, will ya? We need your help!

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