Pelican Point

Pelican Point is home to a quarry where contractors glean all their structural fill rock for use in marshy or high water-table areas. It's a busy, busy zone during the day, with trucks coming to and fro starting from about 6 am until dark. But at night, it's a ghost-town, and the perfect place to have some solitude and setup an overnight time-lapse session. I've been wanting to do an overnighter for awhile, and I've been waiting for the right moment. It's hard to nail it perfectly, and a lot of of the time, you can end up with a full night wasted, and a relatively boring series. I got to Pelican Point about 1 am, and setup my camera only to realize that I had left all my Compact Flash cards at home. Fernanda and I cruised over to the Wal-Mart in Saratoga Springs and grabbed a quick 4GB. On the settings I was using, I only had enough memory space for 241 images, so I did some math and decided that a six hour time-lapse could be condensed into roughly 216 images, if played back at 24 frames per second, and end up as 9 seconds of video. So I took a picture every 90 seconds to get the time lapse you see below. I don't think I could have hit it on a better day, and I had a very amazing morning watching as the sun crept above the horizon and bathed my bare feet in warmth as I lay in the back of my car with the back hatch open to the air. Couldn't ask for a more pleasant time. Here's a few more pictures and then the video. It turned out so sick. The song is by Love As Laughter, called Coconut Flakes, and it's from the movie 180ยบ South, which is one of the best documentaries ever (in my humble opinion). Enjoy.

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