Fall Colors

Yesterday my buddy Kristopher Orr called me sporadically and wanted to go shoot some fall colors. Those of you folks in Utah may have noticed that, although the fall was gorgeous this season, the colors were relatively short lived. They were here, we got some frost, and they were gone (essentially).

We wanted to try to get some cool photos, but we couldn't decide where to go. Ultimately, Miah, Toph and I opted to go up Provo Canyon and hike up just a little above Mt. Timpanogos Park, and there's this cool little gully that is somewhat sheltered from the wind. All-in-all, we ended up choosing wisely because all three of us came away with some stunning images. Here's a couple of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Miah and Toph Enjoying the Leaves

Miah Shooting on Lee's Camera

Kristopher Posing

Shot up toward Mount Timpanogos

Miah caught in the act

It was like a full tunnel. Pretty cool.

Cliffs overlooking the mouth of Provo Canyon

My personal favorite

"I have no idea what's going on right now."

Some perdy leaves

"I'm cool because I shoot on film..."

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