Red Bull

Several weeks ago I was having lunch with my friends when I got a phone call from Jordan Schweizer, the marketing director for Red Bull Energy Drink in Utah. He was calling to tell me that the interview that he and I had left a good enough impression that he was willing to offer me the position of Student Brand Manager for Utah Valley University.
It's certainly not the most lucrative of job opportunities, but it has its benefits: 20 cases of free Red Bull were picked up by me the other day. Essentially I connect with things that are going on in Utah County, then bring a whole lot of Red Bull to help promote those events. The company is very keen on giving out enormous amounts of free product, and because of that fact,everyone knows who Red Bull is, and the only people that don't drink it are the people who don't like the way it tastes.
Here are some photos from a longboarding demo from the other day. It was a little rainy so the turnout was kind of meager, but it was still super fun regardless:

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