Spring has kind of a dual-fold appeal for me, and I think a lot of my friends will be able to agree on one or both of these points. One of the nice things about living in Utah is the fact that Park City Mountain Resort has one of the most renowned terrain parks in the entire world, and continually makes it into high rankings each year with Transworld Snowboarding Mag. The other major benefit is the fact that Snowbird stays open until June most years and there are so many epic storms in the spring that the April and May powder is usually some of the best of the whole year. But for most ridiculous people it's time to don the bathing suit and the flip flop sandals start working on their tan. For the shredders, it's the time to gather some much needed last minute video and photos.

Here's some shots from April 7, 2009 at Park City. My brother Kory Cross, Hamish Martin, and Jordan Rehrer featured. Photos by Todd Stay Photography. Video coming soon in podcast episode 007.

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