Road Trip Part Two

The hilarity continues at Mt. Bachelor, Oregon, just outside the small golfing/skiing community of Bend, OR, where JD Platt, ex-pro and local legend showed us around the mountain. Bachy is a really interesting place because, unlike Utah, the terrain is subject to change. It's basically an exposed volcano chilling out in the middle of the Pacific north-westerlies and it's west-facing slopes get absolutely hammered with relentless wind 24/7. Lots of wind deposits, cornices, lips, kickers, waves, and frozen trees make for a pretty awesome playground. We didn't take very many photos because we were spending so much time filming, but here are a few for your viewing pleasure. Special thanks to Alex and Frankie for getting us on up on the hill, and to JD and fam for putting us up in the guest house. Nothing but love for you guys.

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